Revenue publish latest tax defaulter list; Company Director makes €2.3m tax settlement

Revenue has published the list of Tax Defaulters for the first three months of this year, and it shows that they agreed €14.4m in the settlement of 86 cases.

The data shows that the largest single settlement was for €2,354,773 by company Director Anthony Dean for underdeclaration of income tax.

Mr Dean - with an address at Woodhaven, Milltown Bridge, Milltown, Dublin 14 - paid over the amount to Revenue Commissioners as part of their Offshore Funds Investigation.

    Court imposed fine, imprisonment or other penalty

  • 143 cases of failure to file a tax return, failure to remit tax, failure to maintain books and records, or delivery of an incorrect return. Court fines of between €12,000 and €750 were imposed; other court penalties included imprisonment, partly suspended and suspended sentences;
  • 3 cases of claiming VAT repayments to which not entitled, in respect of each of which the Court imposed partly suspended prison sentence;
  • 58 cases of misuse of marked mineral oil, in respect of which Court fines of between €7,500 and €2,500 were imposed;
  • 3 cases of oil laundering in respect of which court penalties of 21 months’ imprisonment, 18 months’ imprisonment, and 2 years’ imprisonment suspended for 2 years were imposed;
  • 45 cases of excise, licencing and VRT offences including smuggling of tobacco or alcohol products, illegal selling of cigarettes, keeping untaxed tobacco for sale, failure to hold a liquor licence, possession of counterfeit alcohol for sale, illegal betting, and possession of an unregistered vehicle. Court fines of between €2,500 and €500 were imposed and other Court penalties included suspended sentences, community service orders and a closure order.
  • Their figures also show for the first time details of unpaid settlements which comes to €4,100,064.59 as of March 31 2017.

    It shows that McGee Service Station & Oil Distribution Ltd of Moate Road, Kilbeggan in Co Westmeath owes the biggest single outstanding amount on the list. The company, which is in liquidation, owes €822,918 from an original settlement of €891,592 for underdeclaring VAT and PAYE/PRSI.

    There were a total of 29 tax default cases where a settlement was not fully paid at the end of March.


  • 41 cases were for amounts exceeding €100,000
  • Of which 5 exceeded €500,000
  • And 1 of which exceeded €1m;
  • 29 are cases in which the settlement was not fully paid as at 31 March 2017;

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