Ryanwear: Singer stages cover-up over excess baggage

Saying she looked like "something from a comedy sketch", opera singer Eimear Collins went to enormous lengths to ensure Michael O’Leary would not get €147 in excess baggage fees.

Arriving at Gatwick Airport for a flight home for Christmas, the 30-year-old opera singer was told her baggage was more than 5kg over the 15kg luggage stipulations.

Ryanair staff wanted a fine to take her luggage that would almost have doubled the price of her flight.

Eimear refused, instead unzipping her suitcase and emptying it, then piling on layer after layer of clothing.

Hugging mum Miriam at arrivals in Cork, Eimear was wearing nine tops, a jumper around her waist, a cardigan, three hoodies, and a coat. Her pockets bulged with hats, scarves, gloves, and socks.

"I put a few things on and then asked them for the bag to be reweighed again," said Eimear. "I was up and down four times before they agreed to let me board. It’s so annoying that the very same weight went onto that plane in the end."

Last night Ryanair said it goes to great lengths to ensure passengers are aware of its checked in bag policies.

Eimear generally tends to opt for other airlines.

"Everyone I know actively avoids them because of this kind of rubbish," said Eimear. "I wasn’t the only person layering on clothes on that flight."

Last year, more than 100 Ryanair passengers were taken off a Ryanair flight in the Canary Islands after a "mutiny" broke out over excess baggage fees.