Ex-Dell workers get €600k funding

Three former Dell workers — Adrian Fleming, Derek Spillane, and Roy Meaney — have secured a €600,000 investment from AIB’s Seed Capital Fund for their new venture.

ManageCO2 Software enables organisations to combat climate change and to meet legislative requirements, while realising the monetary benefits of effective carbon management.

The award-winning ManageCO2 Software is already being used in 38 countries including Britain, Australia, US, Canada, Brazil, and China.

The British government has also hired the company to do an analysis on the carbon footprint of its departments.

ManageCO2 chief executive Adrian Fleming said the British government was identifying the departments with the highest carbon footprint as a means to target where to spend their energy efficiency budget most effectively.

Mr Fleming said using ManageCO2’s software for the task was much more cost effective than hiring outside consultants. He called on the Government here to consider a similar analysis.

Mr Fleming described the time since he had set up the company as a dream.

He said: "The investment represents the creation of six new high-value jobs in the next six months, which will double to 12 within 18 months.

"We are delighted with this investment by AIB Seed Capital Fund, Bloom Equity and Enterprise Ireland. This funding will help accelerate our international growth plans, allow further investment in our innovative software platform and also provide employment in the Limerick/Clare region."

Partner in Enterprise Equity Eric Reed said: "We are excited to be working with ManageCO2 Software, which is an excellent example of a high-potential start-up that has significant growth potential both at home and abroad."