Political point scoring does a disservice to Mairia Cahill

The politicisation of the Máiria Cahill case is doing a disservice to the Irish political process and all victims of the northern conflict, argues Dolan O’Hagan. This story is enriched with multi-media content


Ebola: The rich get the best care while the poor are left to die

The ebola crisis may be one of the most severe health emergencies in modern times but it shows the rich get the best care while the poor are left to die, writes John Lloyd

This story is enriched with multi-media content


Buying Sex: State needs to follow Northern lead

The North’s vote to criminalise the buying of sex is the wake-up call that the Oireachtas needs, writes Denise Charlton


Mary Boyle: The case of Ireland’s youngest ever disappeared

The arrest today of a man in connection with the alleged kidnapping of six-year-old Mary Boyle in 1977 has brought the case of Ireland’s youngest ever disappeared back into the public spotlight. Stephen Rogers chronicles the background to the case.

John Tierney, Managing Director of Irish Water.

Trying to pour oil on troubled waters

Changing a few board members at Irish Water will not allow the Cabinet to wash it hands of the mess that it has created. It must tackle the bonus issue and fast, writes Shaun Connolly


Sinn Fein young guns spin a past that’s not theirs

The fresh faces of Sinn Féin seem happy to take Gerry Adams at his word when he says there was no cover-up of sexual abuse, writes Special Correspondent Micheal Clifford


Europe’s essential unity is getting stronger

The future for Europe is bright despite 10-year rollercoaster rise, says José Manuel Barroso


WHO must take some blame for ebola crisis

The WHO chief wasn’t told of the scale of the crisis until three months after it was detected and bureaucratic messes delayed deployment of vital aid, write Jason Gale and John Lauerman


Catalogue of controversies during a year of discontent

An organisation that denies it pays bonuses — but admits its staff can earn "performance related awards".

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald. 'There's no question of divesting security from the State,' Ms Fitzgerald said.

The problems of trying to get policing and national security to walk the line

IT COULD well be the case that the crises over policing and oversight that rocked the country this year could be replicated down the road in relation to the shadowy world of national security.