Update 8pm: Local people are helping to provide food for the bereaved after a devastating fire in Carrickmines, Dublin killed 10 people including a mother, father, their four sons and infant daughter.

Rugby World Cup


Long: 'Let's make this the play-off'

Goal hero Shane Long insists that for Thursday’s famous victory over Germany to really mean something, Ireland must secure qualification for the European Championship finals against Poland in Warsaw tomorrow night.


Finance Minister Michael Noonan will outline plans in next week’s budget to address the housing crisis with Nama supplying up to 80 houses a week by the end of the year.


Big oil, big tobacco, big lies

Just as big tobacco deliberately misled the public on the cancer-causing effects of smoking, big oil attacked scientists who warned of the impending climate disaster and their attempts now to help ‘solve’ the problem should be shunned by governments, write Kelle Louaillier and Bill McKibben

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Fashion & Beauty

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Food & Drink

The world’s top chefs discuss the future of food at Galway food conferenceMichelle Darmody

Health & Life

Are DIY testing kits medically sound?Lisa Salmon

Home & Interiors

Modular or prefabricated housing has become the cooler, more sustainable method of creating a permanent homeKya deLongchamps


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Arts, Books, Films & TV

Salesman knocks on all the right doors


This 250 million year old bug might eat up the Japanese Knotweed problem in IrelandPeter Dowdall